About Us
Golaghat Polytechnic is one, among the eleven new polytechnics established by the Government of
Assam in 2017 under the Directorate of Technical education, Assam. The polytechnic is approved
by All India Council for Technical education (AICTE) and it offers diploma level courses in three
branches of engineering - Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering with
intake capacity of  60 (sixty) in each branch toting up 180 (one hundred eighty). The academic
session of the institution started from 1st.  August, 2017. Situated at Ulutoli, about 3 km from
Furkating Railway junction and about 10 km from Golaghat town the nearest airport is Rowriah at
Jorhat at a distance of about 55 km. Covering an area of 5.95 acres (18 Bigha) the serene
atmosphere and scenic beauty amidst the green tea gardens make this place an attractive one and
ideal for scholastic atmosphere.